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How It Works

Over the last decade, Road ID has proudly sponsored more than 150,000 events! We leverage the buying power of these events to purchase supplies (like bibs, pins, goodie bags, etc.) at the lowest possible price. Then, we pass these supplies along to events with very little or no markup. We do NOT try to make a profit by selling supplies...which is why our prices are lower than anywhere else and coupons/gift cards are NOT applicable on these materials.

So...Why Does Road iD Do This?
One, we love supporting endurance events as we believe they are the backbone of healthy, vibrant and philanthropic communities. This program not only helps organizers produce professional-looking events, but it also helps them make the most of limited budgets.

Two, we're incredibly passionate about sharing the Road iD story. Our wearable IDs literally save lives and provide priceless peace of mind. When our partner events use Road ID branded sponsorship supplies, they help active people discover why Road ID should be a vital part of athletic gear.

Cool. How do I get started?
It's Sunday-morning easy. Simply browse our Race Supplies and FREE Calendar listing to take advantage of the offerings you see as beneficial. Then, check one more box off your expansive To Do list. 

As a cool bonus, we'll send you two FREE Road ID Gift Cards ($20 Value) for every pack of Race Bibs that you purchase. You do not need to request these. they are AUTOMATICALLY included.